Bluetooth LE

Physical computing, Programming

Tools Used : RFduino, node.js, PhoneGap
A bluetooth app to control a LED matrix using an android phone.

LED Matrix

LED board with 8 by 8 matrix of LEDs along with 7 IC holders to the left of the matrix

This was made with 64 LEDs (although only half are being controlled by the phone currently). The LEDs are controlled using SN74HC595 shift registers. This enables us to pass bytes through bluetooth, and the chip will convert it into highs and lows for each LED.


PhoneGap was used to develop the phone app that controls the matrix. It creates a local server through which it is possible to communicate between the phone and the BLE device (RFduino in this case) The code for the same is here


The matrix was controlled by the RFduino using the BLEPeripheral library. The code to control the complete matrix is here.

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