Rube Goldberg v. ITP

A Rube Goldberg machine that was made to welcome the NYU - ITP class of 2019.

"Rube Goldberg v. ITP" was build in the 2018 spring semester at ITP by a group of students, residents and faculty as a way to welcome the incoming 2019 students. This was a collabarative project led by myself and two other students at ITP - Rushali Paratey and Stephanie Koltun.

It was build over three 2-hour sessions where students worked in pairs and then combined it all together on the last day.

 Two students are workingon a computer with the mechanical arm two students talking desk full of computer and tools one student working on a wooden sculpture which is part of the rube goldberg machine

A special thanks to David Lockard and team for capturing this on video.

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