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To use the tool, please head to Peblio Demo

Tools Used : React, Javascript
Peblio Inc. was co-founded by Esther Hersh, Regina Vetka and myself.

Over the past few years, remix communities in which new, and experienced programmers share their code online to be viewed and modified by others, have created a more friendly and open environment for coders. Finding inspiration or technical guidance for projects has never been easier and by working in open communities we build on each other's skills and knowledge. Peblio aims to bring this remix attitude to CS Education with an instructional tool that allows for the rapid development of adaptable instructional materials in any language, and an online resource sharing community.

The following video contains a quick demo of how peblio works

We believe that writing code has never been easier and this tool allows for code to be written in the quickest way possible.

screenshot of the p5 IDE with lint errors and screen reader output

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