Energy @ ITP

Interaction design, Programming

Tools Used : node.js, heroku, Inkscape
In collaboration with Viniyata Pany
A set of interactive tools to inspect the energy consumption at the Interactive Telecommunications department at NYU.

Energy at ITP - Wall Installation

This wall installation is a simple dashboard that explains the energy consumption on the department floor, currently as well as over the past week. The aim of this is two-fold; make people aware of the energy that is being consumed per room/per equipment, and contextualize energy as a fun and tangible concept. To do so, we compare energy used in the building to energy in a potato or energy to use a hair dryer. This project was exhibited at the ITP Spring Show in 2016.
The data for this was obtained from Enertiv.

Energy at ITP - mobile

This mobile app informs users about the energy usage in key rooms/areas in ITP.

splash page of mobile app home page of mobile app - contains listing of all the rooms

On selecting a room, the power consumption over the last 24 hours is visible along with the breakdown of energy usage by equipment in that room.

page showing the energy consumption through the day in a particular room page showing the peak hours energy consumption split by equipment in a particular room page showing the off-peak hours energy consumption split by equipment in a particular room

To make the concept of energy a little lighter, there is also a comparision of energy consumption with the energy in big macs and in CFL light bulbs.

page showing the number of burgers that contain the same energy as what is consumed in that room

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