Digital Fabrication


Collection of some pieces made on the laser and cnc

Laser Cut world map

Made out of paper sheets and bass wood (3/32" thickness). I created illustrator files for the design which were then fed into the laser cutter for cutting the paper. 12 layers of paper was stacked below the wood cut out of the world map. The entire was then lit from inside using a white LED strip.

wood and paper laser cut world map.


The world map was cut out from bass wood and the designs that go below the wood, in paper.

bass wood with world map cut out and laser cut paper

The laser cut paper was placed below the world map cut out.

unfinished laser cut map

The bass wood was then stained with walnut stain.

walnut stained bass wood with world map cut out

CNC Coffee Table

The top and base of the table were made using a CNC routing machine an epoxy resin. The leg was turned from a piece of birch driftwood using a wood lathe.

side handle of the towel holder when it is on the lathe being turned


The top of the table was cut using the CNC routing machine and then filled with blue epoxy resin.

top of the table filled with blue epoxy resin

Once the resin dried, the top was sanded to a smooth finish.

top of the table set up for sanding after the resin has dried.

The leg of the table was turned on the wood lathe.

the wood log on the wood lathe

Then the entire table was assembled using smaller circular pieces for the base and support and finished with tung oil.

the assembled table

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