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Concept design of a phone app that gamifies physiotheraphy and keeps track of patients progress.

The Question

How can you ensure that patients continue with their physiotherapy without having to go to the hospital/clinic for each session ?

The problems with physiotheraphy(PT) are the following -

Takeaway from User testing

Through user testing with people from the age range of 21-65, the following was discovered

The Solution

Assets from

Based on the idea of travelling the world (in 80 days), this phone app will help and remind patients to complete PT and tries to gamify the experience. It can also keep track of a patient's progress and trigger reminders when needed.

main screen of app

Doctors and patients form a PT plan together.

screen before adding exercises screen before adding exercises screen showing all exercises

The plan contains the list of exercises and the number of days to do them.

screen showing selected exercises. screen showing number of days of PT required

The patient gets a "travel plan". Each day of exercise helps them progress to the next location.

screen showing the travel plan

Every day they start their exercise in a new location. The users strap their phone onto their body and the app tracks the basic motion. The app alerts you after the duration of exercise has elapsed.

screen at the beginning of a given day in a new location screen shown during exercise

On completion of the day's exercise, the user moves on to the next city.

screen shown at the end of the days exercise screen showing the next days location.

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